Life is a succession of lessons that must be lived to be understood.


We make life what it is by our attitude toward it.


All lifes are beautiful in which the sovereign thought has been for others.

Queen of Romania

Are we not spirits, shaped into a body, into an appearance and that fade away again into air and invisibility? We start out of nothing, take figure and are apparitions.


Our own existence is a mystery forever beyond our comprehension.

Herbert Spencer

It is worth everything to face life with the right outlook. Our view of life moulds our life.

Grison Marden

Man may make life what he pleases, and give it as much worth both for himself and others as he has energy for. Over his moral and intellectual being his sway is complete.


Life must be lived on a higher plane, there the whole aspect of things change.


Life nobly, how long or short permit to heaven.


What is life? – A passing bubble on the rapid stream of time, - a fleeting shadow on the shifting scenes of earth.

Did you ever stop to think
That this life is just a wink,
And that soon you will be charged up to the past?
So be merry just today
For tomorrow has its way;
It may end the resolutions just began.

Tim Sheean