speaking tips: 6 WAYS TO SAY "ZERO"

speaking tips: 6 WAYS TO SAY

Did you know that there are 6 ways to say ZERO? Here they are:

1. zero

2. nil

3. zip

4. love 🙂

5. nought

6. O


plural zeros or zeroes

1. the number 0 [= nought British English] Make X greater than or equal to zero.

2. the point between + and - on a scale for measuring something, or the lowest point on a scale that shows how much there is left of something:
The petrol gauge was already at zero.

3. a temperature of 0° on the Celsius or Fahrenheit scale
above/below zero
It was five degrees below zero last night.
➔ absolute zero, sub-zero

4 none at all, or the lowest possible amount
somebody's chances are zero (=they have no chance of success)
Mike's chances of winning are virtually zero.
From 1971 to 1976 West Vancouver experienced zero population growth.



1. nothing [= zero]:
The new machine reduced labour costs to almost nil.

2. British English the number zero, used in sports results:
Our team won by two goals to nil.



American English informal nothing at all or zero:

We beat them 10 to zip.
'How much money do you have left?' 'Zip!'


tennis [uncountable]

an expression meaning 'no points', used in the game of tennis


1 British English the number 0 [= zero]:
A billion is 1 with 9 noughts after it.
nought point one/two/three etc (=0.1, 0.2 etc)

2 old use used in some expressions to mean nothing:
Peace negotiations came to nought (=were not successful).


Use this especially when saying a telephone number or the number after decimal point. Pronounce this as the letter "o".

I'll be in room three-o-nine.

It's an inner London phone number, so you dial o-two-o-seven.

One hundredth has the same value as point o one.