STARTERS Sample Papers 2018: Speaking

STARTERS Sample Papers 2018: Speaking

Здесь можно найти карточки для устной части экзамена Young Learners Starters from 2018 + вводная речь экзаменатора:

Part 1

Look at these, this is a beach. The people are on holidays. Here is the car.

    • Where is the sun?
    • Where is the boat?

Now look at these. Which is the pencil? I’m putting the pencil next to the girl.

  • Now you put the dog next to the boy.
  • Which is the apple? Put the apple in front of the birds.
  • Which is the kite? Put the kite between the trees.

Part 2

  • Now, what is this? (a fish)
  • What colour is it? (pink)
  • Tell me about this man (he has got dark hair, he is wearing singlasses, he is sunbathing)

Part 3

  • What is this? (apple) Do you like apples? What fruit do you like?
  • What’s this? (pencil) What colour is it? Have you got a pencil?
  • What’s this? (spider) Do you like spiders? What is your favourite animal?


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