There are 6 parts in Cambridge English Movers Reading and Writing test.
You have 30 minutes for 35 questions.

Push the button NEXT to start the test.


Part 1

Look and read. Choose the correct words and write them on the
lines. There is one example: This animal has very strong legs and hops
from place to place. (A kangaroo)

1. You can put chairs and tables on this and sit outside. 

2. This is black and white and lives in the mountains.

3. You put this on your head and then ride your bike.

4. You can walk up and down these inside a house.

5. This animal swims and sometimes jumps above the waves.

Part 2

Read the text and choose the best answer.

1. Julia: What do you need to buy today Fred?


2. Julia: Which is your favourite shop? 


3. Julia: Does your sister like sport?


4. Julia: What are your sister’s hobbies?


5. Julia: How about buying your sister a book about drawing? 


6. Julia: Look! There’s a bookshop. You can get a book there.


Part 3

Read the story. Choose a word from the box. Write the correct word next to numbers 1–5.

There is one example: Lucy and Matt’s mum is a doctor. The children and their dad were at home last Monday evening when Mum .....phoned..... .

She said, ‘I have to do some more work here at the (1) . Ask Dad to make your dinner.’ 

‘Oh no!’ said Matt. ‘Dad can’t (2) !’

The family looked for some food in the kitchen cupboards. They found some onions, potatoes and carrots. ‘What can we make with these?’ asked Matt. ‘I’m very (3)!’

Then Lucy said, ‘I know! We can make soup.’ Matt was not happy. He said, ‘I don’t like soup. I want pasta and meatballs!’ ‘Sorry, Matt,’ Dad said. ‘We haven’t got any pasta or meatballs. We only have these (4) to eat for dinner.’ 

Lucy and Dad made the soup. Then the three of them sat down and started eating. Lucy asked Matt, ‘So, what do you think?’ ‘It’s fantastic! I love it!’ Matt answered. ‘Can I have another (5) of soup, please?’ And they all laughed.

(6) Now choose the best name for the story. Tick one box.

Part 4

Read the text. Choose the right words and write them on the lines.


Example: There .....are..... 350 kinds of parrot in the world.

They are clever animals. A lot of parrots are green, but you can find parrots (1) ........ are red, yellow and blue. They live in trees and rocks in hot places.

They have big heads and short necks. They are very good (2) ........ climbing trees.

(3) ........ parrots do not eat meat. They eat fruit and plants. Parrots fly to many places every day to look for food.

When they are (4) ........ , they hold their food in one foot.

(5) ........ birds make a lot of noise when they are with their families.

Part 5

Look at the pictures and read the story. Write some words to complete the sentences about the story. You can use 1, 2 or 3 words.

The rain in the jungle

Last weekend, Vicky and Tom said to their friend Daisy, ‘Would you like to go for a walk in the jungle?’ Daisy said, ‘I need to take some photos for homework. I can do that there.’ Vicky’s mum said, ‘Take coats with you.’ The children laughed and said, ‘It’s hot and sunny. We don’t need coats!’ When the children got to the jungle, they saw lots of monkeys in the trees.

Vicky and Tom wanted to walk in the jungle last .....weekend..... with their friend Daisy.

For her homework, Daisy had to .....to take some photos..... .

1. Mum wanted Tom, Vicky and Daisy to with them.

2. The weather was before the walk in the jungle.

Tom took pictures of some beautiful plants which had red flowers on them.
Then Daisy pointed and said, ‘Look at those black clouds!’ Then it started
raining. ‘The camera! Put it in your bag!’ said Vicky to Tom. ‘OK,’ said Tom.
Tom got some very big leaves and they held them above their heads. The monkeys came and sat with them. It rained and rained, but the leaves were really big and the children and monkeys didn’t get wet. Daisy took more photos.

3. Daisy pointed at some in the sky.

4. Tom put in his bag because it started raining.

5. When it rained the children and the monkeys sat under some  and they didn’t get wet.

The children waited for the rain to stop and they ate their sandwiches.
When it was sunny again, the children ran back home. Mum looked at their clothes and was surprised. ‘Didn’t it rain in the jungle?’ she asked. ‘Yes,’ they said. ‘But we found some leaves and we didn’t need coats.’ And they showed Mum their photos.

6. The children had their lunch and then went  when it stopped raining.

7. Vicky and Tom’s mother was because their clothes weren’t wet.

Part 6

Look and read and write.

The man is carrying a .....box..... of oranges.

What’s the girl in the yellow sweater got? .....an ice cream.....

Complete the sentences.

1. The woman with the baby has around her neck.

2. One person is a motorbike.

Answer the questions.

3. What’s the man with the white beard doing?

4 Who is in the red car?

Now write two sentences about the picture.