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ЕГЭ: Reading Part 3 #2

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Прочитайте текст и выполните задания 1-7. В каждом задании выберите один из четырех вариантов ответа.

Cordia Harrington was tired of standing up all day and smelling like French fries at night. A property developer, she also owned and operated three McDonald’s franchises in Illinois, but as a divorced mother of three boys, she yearned for a business that would provide for her children and let her spend more time with them. Her aha moment struck, strangely enough, after she was nominated in 1992 to be on the McDonald’s Bun Committee. ‘The other franchisees, all men, thought that was hilar¬ious because of the word bun,’ she recalls. ‘But the joke was on them. They didn’t know the company would be picking me up in a corporate jet to see bakeries around the world. Every time I went to a meeting, I loved it. This was global!’ The experience opened her eyes to business possibilities. When McDonald’s decided it wanted a new bun supplier, Harrington became determined to win the contract, even though she had no experience running a bakery. ‘You see a tiny crack in the door, and you have to run through it,’ she says. ‘I really believed I could do this.’ Harrington studied the bakery business and made sure she was never off executives’ radar. ‘If you have a dream, you can’t wait for people to call you,’ she says. ‘So I’d visit a mill and send them photos of myself in a baker’s hat and jacket, holding a sign that said ‘I want to be your baker’.’ After four years and 32 interviews, her persistence paid off. Harrington sealed the deal with a handshake, sold her franchises, invested every-thing she owned, and borrowed $13.5 million. She was ready to build the fastest, most automated bakery in the world. The Tennessee Bun Company opened ahead of schedule in 1997, in time for a slump in U.S. fast-food sales for McDonald’s. Before Harrington knew it, she was down to her last $20,000, not enough to cover payroll. And her agreement with McDonald’s required that she sell exclusively to the company. ‘I cried myself to sleep many nights,’ she recalls. ‘I really did think I was going to go bankrupt.’ But Harrington worked out an agreement to supply Pepperidge Farm as well. ‘Mc-Donald’s could see a benefit if our production went up and prices went down, and no benefit if we went out of business,’ she says. ‘That deal saved us.’ Over the next eight years, Harrington branched out even more. She started her own trucking business, added a cold-storage company, and now she has three bakeries producing fresh buns and frozen dough — all now known as the Bun Companies. Speed is still a priority: It takes 11 people at the main bakery to turn out 60,000 buns an hour for clients across 40 states, South America, and the Caribbean. Grateful for the breaks she’s had, Harrington is passionate about providing opportu¬nities to all 230 employees. ‘Financial success is the most fun when you can give it away,’ she says. ‘We had a project that came in under budget one year, and we gave each of our project managers a car with a big bow!’ The current economy, Harrington acknowledges, is challenging. Some of her clients’ sales have declined, but she’s found new clients and improved efficiencies to help sustain the company’s double-digit growth. Cordia Harrington doesn’t have to stand on her feet all day anymore. Her sons are now 27, 25, and 23; two of them work for her. And she’s remarried — her husband, Tom, formerly her CPA, is now her CFO. ‘This is more than a job,’ says Harrington. ‘It’s a mission. I’m always thinking, ‘How can we best serve our employees?’ If we support them, they’ll do their best to look after our clients. That’s how it works here.’

1. Cordia Harrington was not satisfied with her position because

2. The McDonald’s bun committee was intended

3. Cordelia Harrington won the contract because

4. The Tennessee Bun Company opened

5. Harrington didn’t go bankrupt because

6. Harrington is passionate

7. Cordia Harrington has had some difficulties because

ЕГЭ: Reading Part 2 #2

Прочитайте текст и заполните пропуски A-F частями предложений, приведенными после каждого пропуска. Одна из частей в списке 1-7 лишняя.

Moscow University is one of the oldest Russian institutions of higher education. It was named after Academician Mikhail Lomonosov, (A) ________ .

Mikhail Lomonosov was a person of formidable willpower and keen scientific mind, (B) ________ .

Lomonosov’s interests ranged from history, art and poetry to mechanics and chemistry. His activity was a manifestation of the enormous potential of Russia, (C) ________ .

Peter I the Great had reformed Russia, (D) ________ . Great importance was placed on education. In 1724, the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences established a university and a grammar school to educate intellectuals and researchers the country needed.

However, these educational establishments did not fulfil the task they had taken on. It was Michail Lomonosov who suggested the idea of establishing a university in Moscow. According to Lomonosov’s plan, there were originally three faculties. First all the students acquired a comprehensive knowledge in the field of science and humanities at the Faculty of Philosophy. Then they could specialize and continue at the Faculty of Phi¬losophy or join either the Law Faculty or the Faculty of Medicine. The best students were sent to continue their education abroad, establishing contacts with the international sci¬entific community. From the very beginning elitism was alien to the very spirit of the University commu¬nity, (E) ________ . The Decree stated that the university was to educate commoners.

Originally tuition at Moscow University was free for all students; later only poor students were exempt from tuition fees. The state funding did not cover all the Univer-sity expenses and it was partly funded by its patrons, (F) ________ . University alumni supported their alma mater through hard times raising money by public sub-scriptions. Moscow University played an outstanding role in popularizing science and learning in Russia. Professors of Moscow University greatly contributed to establishing new cultural centres in Moscow and Russia.

ЕГЭ: Reading Part 1 #2

Установите соответствие между предложенными заголовками 1-8 и текстами A-G. Используйте каждый заголовок только один раз. Один заголовок лишний.

(A) Playing sports is a great way to make exercise fun and help children to develop healthy habits. Sports can also help children improve their agility, balance, and coordination. Participating in sports can help build a child’s self-esteem. Studies show that children who play sports work harder in the classroom. Children also learn problem­solving skills and time management skills when they are part of a team.

(B) Late last week BMX legend, Kevin Robinson, made history by flying higher than any human has ever gone on a BMX bike as part of Red Bull Experiment in New York City! Thousands of fans and spectators were on-site to catch all the action. This awesome feat had been a lifelong dream of Kevin’s which until now no one else has ever been able to pull off!

(C) American tennis star Venus Williams has lost her place at the Madrid Open when she was beaten in the second-round part of the contest by Russian teenager Alisa Kleybanova. Williams is the current world number three and her 19-year-old opponent was unseeded so the defeat came as a big shock. Williams said she thought Kleybanova had won ‘by just being aggressive from both sides of the court.’

(D) Skateboarding traces its roots to the seventies but it really reached the peak of its popularity in the mid-eighties to the present when major skateboard manufacturers pro­pelled it to new heights. First, they started with half-pipe and vert ramp skateboarding. As the years went by, the focus shifted to street skateboarding, which brought about a few changes in deck shape and wheel size.

(E) While the majority of scuba diving is recreation, there are those who do it for a liv¬ing as well. Scientific exploration and research is another area with a lot of scuba diving demand. They spend a lot of time in the water watching sea life cycles, and how microor¬ganisms fit the whole underwater environment. There are also others who work in con¬structing underwater platforms that are often used for research as well as offshore oil.

(F) Surfing is a sport which is undertaken by almost every individual in the U.S. This term is often referred to as a surface water sport in which the person surfing is carried along the face of a breaking ocean wave standing on a surfboard. Surfboards can also be used on rivers on standing waves. Some people practise this as a hobby while others be¬come professional surfers.

(G) If you’re interested in snowboarding, you will need to find out which length and width board is best for you. Both of these factors are critical to the success of snowboard¬ing. Be aware that shorter boards are easier to manoeuvre, therefore making them great if you are just learning to snowboard. When it comes to width, it is important to consider foot size when choosing the width of a board.

ЕГЭ: Grammar and Lexis Part 3 #2

Прочитайте приведённый ниже текст с пропусками, обозначенными номерами 1-7. Эти номера соответствуют заданиям 1-7, в которых представлены возможные варианты ответов. Выберите один из 4 вариантов ответа.

Bill, Bingo and Bram

Bill Smith had a (32) ________ with dogs, a kind of power over them. They would sit in awe of him, would listen to him and would slink away sheepishly if they had growled near him. It was a skill I had cause to be thankful for once or twice. The odd thing was that Bram, the last dog Bill owned, had died in 1925 — fifty years distant.

Bill was a retired, (33) ________ bachelor.

He lived alone in the small terraced house next door but two from us. (34) ________ a number of occasions, I visited Bill’s house, and it seemed that it hadn’t really changed much from the 50s.

There were hints that some articles had been undisturbed apart (35) ________ the occasional silverfish or visiting woodlouse, since the 1930s.

He had a picture of a dog in the small converted kitchen which housed his huge solid pillowed chair, newspapers protruding from beneath its seat cushion. It was among one or two other small photos, which (36) ________ closer examination were photos of seventeen year old Bill. Almost forgotten amid the clutter of pipe cleaners, matches, spills, bits of wire, tea coupons and old Yale keys was a very small dark photo of a black mongrel dog, lying in a backyard. A white stripe down its nose and in between its ears was one of the few ways it was distinguishable from the background gloom. This was Bram, Bill told me, his dog.

Through the years, my family had a total of four dogs. We actually had no photo-graphs whatever of the first two. Dogs had only played walk-on parts in my family. As far as I was (37) ________ , the all defining object in a house was a television. There was one in Bill’s house. It stood like a lonely, redundant sentinel in a dank corner of his empty living room and seemed cold and unused.

When I asked Bill what he watched, he an­swered that the set didn’t work, it needed a new plug, and he hadn’t (38) ________ to get it fixed. And what’s more, he didn’t miss it. To me this was unimaginable — how could a person have a TV and not use it?

ЕГЭ: Grammar and Lexis Part 2 #2

Прочитайте приведённый ниже текст. Образуйте от слов, напечатанных заглавными буквами, однокоренные слова так чтобы они грамматически и лексически соответствовали содержанию текста. Заполните пропуски полученными словами.


1. Conflict is a part of life. It exists as a reality of any relationship, and is not (NECESSARY) bad.

2. In fact a relationship with no apparent conflict may be (HEALTY) than one with frequent conflict.

3. Conflicts can be (PRODUCT) , creating deeper understanding, close­ness and respect.

4. However, they can also be destructive, causing resentment, (HOSTILE) and pain.

5. Conflicts run all the way from minor differences to critical fights and conflict (RESOLVE) is a skill that can be useful in all aspects of living.

<p>6. If conflict can be avoided in any way, it’s better to go for it. (FORTUNATE) %LANK% , sometimes it is the only way to improve a situation with someone who is hurting you or doing you wrong.</p>

ЕГЭ: Grammar and Lexis Part 1 #2

Прочитайте приведённый ниже текст. Преобразуйте если необходимо, слова, напечатанные заглавными буквами, так чтобы они грамматически и лексически соответствовали содержанию текста. Заполните пропуски полученными словами.

Earthquake Strikes Southern Iran

1. This is the latest news from BBC. An earthquake (STRIKE) the southern port city of Bandar Abbas in Iran, cutting power and telephone lines.

2. Emergency teams (SET) (already) up all over the city. They report on the situation in Bandar Abbas every half hour.

3. At the moment they (HELP) people, suffering from injuries. Fortunately, there are no reported deaths in this quake.

4. Iran (LOCATE) on seismic fault lines and is prone to earthquakes.

5. On average one earthquake (HIT) the country each day, although most are minor tremors and are often in sparsely populated regions.

The deadliest quake to hit Iran in recent years was in 2003, when 25,000 people (DIE) in a 6.7-magnitude quake in Bam.

This is a breaking news update. Check back soon for (FAR) infor­mation.

ЕГЭ: Reading Part 3 #1

Прочитайте текст и выполните задания 1-7. В каждом задании выберите один из четырех вариантов ответа.

In a certain city there lived a physician who sold yellow paint. This was of so singular a virtue that whoso was painted with it from head to heel was set free from the dangers of life, and the bondage of sin, and the fear of death for ever. So the physician said in his prospectus; and so said all the citizens in the city; and there was nothing more urgent in men’s hearts than to be properly painted themselves, and nothing they took more delight in than to see others painted.

There was in the same city a young man of a very good family but of a somewhat reckless life, who had reached the age of manhood, and would have nothing to say to the paint. ‘Tomorrow was soon enough,’ said he; and when the morrow came he would still put it off. He might have continued to do until his death; only, he had a friend of about his own age and much of his own manners; and this youth, taking a walk in the public street, with not one fleck of paint upon his body, was suddenly run down by a water-cart and cut off in the heyday of his nakedness. This shook the other to the soul; so that I never beheld a man more earnest to be painted; and on the very same evening, in the presence of all his family, to appropriate music, and himself weeping aloud, he received three complete coats and a touch of varnish on the top. The physi­cian (who was himself affected even to tears) protested he had never done a job so thorough.

Some two months afterwards, the young man was carried on a stretcher to the physi­cian’s house. ‘What is the meaning of this?’ he cried, as soon as the door was opened. ‘I was to be set free from all the dangers of life; and here have I been run down by that self-same water-cart, and my leg is broken.’ ‘Dear me!’ said the physician. ‘This is very sad. But I perceive I must explain to you the action of my paint. A broken bone is a mighty small affair at the worst of it; and it belongs to a class of accident to which my paint is quite inapplicable. Sin, my dear young friend, sin is the sole calamity that a wise man should apprehend; it is against sin that I have fitted you out; and when you come to be tempted, you will give me news of my paint.’

‘Oh!’ said the young man, ‘I did not understand that, and it seems rather disap­pointing. But I have no doubt all is for the best; and in the meanwhile, I shall be obliged to you if you will set my leg.’ ‘That is none of my business,’ said the physician; ‘but if your bearers carry you round the corner to the surgeon’s, I feel sure he will afford re­lief.’

Some three years later, the young man came running to the physician’s house in a great perturbation. ‘What is the meaning of this?’ he cried. ‘Here was I to be set free from the bondage of sin; and I have just committed forgery, arson and murder.’ ‘Dear me,’ said the physician. ‘This is very serious. Off with your clothes at once.’ And as soon as the young man had stripped, he examined him from head to foot. ‘No,’ he cried with great relief, ‘there is not a flake broken. Cheer up, my young friend, your paint is as good as new.’

‘Good God!’ cried the young man, ‘and what then can be the use of it?’ ‘Why,’ said the physician, ‘I perceive I must explain to you the nature of the action of my paint. It does not exactly prevent sin; it extenuates instead the painful consequences. It is not so much for this world, as for the next; it is not against life; in short, it is against death that I have fitted you out. And when you come to die, you will give me news of my paint.’

‘Oh!’ cried the young man, ‘I had not understood that, and it seems a little disap­pointing. But there is no doubt all is for the best: and in the meanwhile, I shall be obliged if you will help me to undo the evil I have brought on innocent persons.’ ‘That is none of my business,’ said the physician; ‘but if you go round the corner to the police office, I feel sure it will afford you relief to give yourself up.’

Six weeks later, the physician was called to the town gaol. ‘What is the meaning of this?’ cried the young man. ‘Here am I literally crusted with your paint; and I have bro­ken my leg, and committed all the crimes in the calendar, and must be hanged tomorrow; and I am in the meanwhile in a fear so extreme that I lack words to picture it.’ ‘Dear me,’ said the physician. ‘This is really amazing. Well, well; perhaps, if you had not been painted, you would have been more frightened still.’

1. The person who sold yellow paint was

2. In paragraph 2 the word 'reckless' means

3. The young man agreed to be painted because

4. The paint didn’t protect the young man from an injury because

5. The paint didn't prevent the young man from committing crimes because

6. Six weeks later, the physician was called

7. The story teaches the readers that

ЕГЭ: Reading Part 2 #1

Прочитайте текст и заполните пропуски A-F частями предложений, приведенными после каждого пропуска. Одна из частей в списке 1-7 лишняя.

It was during a radar-related research project around 1946 that Dr. Percy Spencer, while working for Raytheon Corporation, noticed that a candy bar in his pocket melted during the testing of a new vacuum tube called a magnetron. This intrigued Dr. Spencer, (A) ________ .

This time he placed some popcorn kernels near the tube and watched (B) ________ .

The next morning Spencer decided to put the magnetron tube near an egg. Spencer and a colleague both watched (C) ________ . Spencer’s colleague moved in for a closer look just as the egg splattered yolk all over his face.

Dr. Spencer concluded that if you can cook an egg that quickly, (D) ________ . He began experimenting. Dr. Spencer enclosed the food to be cooked in a metal box that he fed the microwaves into. He had invented what was to revolutionize cooking and form the basis of a multimillion dol­lar industry - the microwave oven.

In 1947, Raytheon demonstrated the world’s first microwave oven and called it a Ra- darange. The first microwave ovens cost between $2,000 and $3,000. Around 1952—55, Tappan introduced the first home model priced at $1,295. In 1,967 Raytheon owned Amana Refrigeration introduced the first countertop microwave oven, (E) ________ .

By 1975, sales of microwave ovens had, for the first time, exceeded those of gas ranges. In 1976, the microwave oven became a more commonly owned kitchen appli­ance than the dishwasher, (F) ________ . America’s cooking habits were be­ing dramatically changed by the convenience of the microwave oven. Once considered a luxury, the microwave oven has developed into a practical necessity for a fast-paced world of today.

ЕГЭ: Reading Part 1 #1

Установите соответствие между предложенными заголовками 1-8 и текстами A-G. Используйте каждый заголовок только один раз. Один заголовок лишний.

(A) Would you like a challenging job? Then think about this career. You might work from home and be your own boss, or you may prefer to apply for a job with a large com­pany. To become successful in this profession, you need good logical reasoning and prob­lem-solving skills. You will definitely have to study at a college or university and get a good qualification in computing.

(B) As a key member of Advancement Services, this position is responsible for all as­pects of web administration including servers, desktop systems, Internet access, commu­nications hardware/software and office systems. The employee is required to perform technology needs analysis and assist with technology planning through ongoing re­search. This position reports to the Director of Services and periodically works with all development staff.

(C) This is a widely spread job in the media. Common responsibilities for this type of occupation include setting up, operating, and maintaining the electronic equipment used to transmit radio and television programmes. You are also required to control au­dio equipment to regulate volume level and quality of sound during the programmes. Tasks will vary considerably depending on whether you are working in studios or on lo­cation.

(D) You will work across a range of factual, news and current affairs programmes for radio, television and the print media, reporting on local, national and international sto­ries. You may be expected to contribute ideas, write scripts and news bulletins, direct news items on location and interview on camera. Vital qualities for this occupation are a good eye for a story, excellent communication skills and the ability to write well.

(E) Regardless of industry, you will play an important role in the success of your com­pany. Your primary duties will be to interest buyers and purchasing agents in the com­pany’s goods or services and to address clients’ questions and concerns. To do this job well, you have to be outgoing, patient, persuasive, and polite and you also have to be pre­pared to do a lot of travelling.

(F) You will be responsible for the creation and representation of a positive company image to the clients and general public. The duties of this job include writing, editing and publishing articles as well as preparation and dissemination of press releases. This position requires superior written and oral communication skills and the organizational skills necessary to manage a multitude of tasks at a fast and dynamic pace.

(G) This job requires extensive knowledge of brand names and the suitability of each product for the purpose stated by the consumer. It is also necessary to be able to assess the consumer’s needs and advise him in a friendly, efficient manner on the best options available at the most affordable price. The employee will have to re-stock shelves, and ti­dy up the counter area and the floor whenever necessary.

ЕГЭ: Grammar and Lexis Part 3 #1

Прочитайте приведённый ниже текст с пропусками, обозначенными номерами 1-7. Эти номера соответствуют заданиям 1-7, в которых представлены возможные варианты ответов. Выберите один из 4 вариантов ответа.

From Failure to Success

Failure is something that we all face in our lives. I’ve sure had my (1) _____ I remember that by the mid 1990s, I had worked myself all the way from a sales per­son to Marketing Director of a thriving company only to discover that I really did not like that position.

So I did something radical. I decided (2) _____ that very secure job and start my own advertising based business. It was an original idea in an industry I was very familiar with - a business magazine mailed to local business owners around my community. A great idea plus my hard work ethic would work, I was sure.

Both my wife and I put everything we had, financially and emotionally, into this idea. It was very exciting to see how fast we acquired our first (and last) 30 clients! Within a couple of months we had a real magazine! Clients were getting fantastic results. There was only one small problem. Although clients were (3) _____ about the return they were getting, some still had financial problems...

... and couldn’t continue on a regular (4) _____.

The bottom line was that we eventually (5) _____ out of money. Then, on top of having to close down the magazine, we even had to sell our car just to pay post­age for the last mailing!

I was devastated ... my dream had died. I remember how depressed I was. I had no job, no money, and worst of all - a seriously damaged sense of confidence. Maybe, that’s where you are now.  It took another two months for me to hit the real bottom when I had to sell our earthquake preparedness kit to buy some food...we were that (6) _____.

But I didn’t give up hope to find employment. A week later, totally out of the (7) ______ , I re­ceived a call from a stranger offering me the best job I’d ever had. An old friend who I hadn’t talked with for years referred me to him. It was nothing short of a miracle, It was eerie.